10 Great Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life!

With the holidays right around the corner it's never too early (or if you're reading this on Christmas Eve, it's never too late) to start thinking about what to get everyone! If you've got a jetsetter in your life, you're in luck! There are tons of great gifts for a world traveler! Anything that will help fuel their wanderlust or make that dream into a reality is a safe bet. Here are ten great gifts to get you started... 


If the traveler in your life has a trip coming up (or is trying to figure out where to go next), a travel guide is a great way to help them along! Different guides cater to different travel styles so browse your local book store to see what they might like best. Fodor's Travel, DK, and National Geographic tend to give more historical background and cultural insights; whereas Lonely Planet and Rough Guides are great at highlighting popular sights and providing practical information. Also look out for deals online! Lonely Planet, for example, has an awesome "3 for 2" deal on all books, eBooks and digital chapters!


Not just any globe... a hand painted, custom decoupage globe! If your traveler loves travel-themed decor then this will be the perfect addition to their collection. Traditional ones are nice but if you're looking for something extra special, a hand painted one is the way to go - like this one from Anthropologie. Even better are these customizable ones here (and here) available on Etsy.  


If your traveler is a Type-A and they enjoy planning almost every detail of their adventures, then they're probably in need of a good travel planner or notebook. Luckily there's an endless supply of adorable planners to suit every taste, with everything from the practical leatherback to the designer hardcover. Looking for something a little different? Check out Condé Nast Traveler recommend list


Chances are your traveler already has one of these - but that doesn't mean they can't be upgraded. Consider something sleek for the trendy jetsetter (like these Muji hard case trolleys) or something ultra functional for the outdoorsy nomad (like the Burton Travel Bag). Not all carry-ons have to have wheels so don't be afraid to grab something smaller, like a tote or backpack, if that's more their taste! 


Most die hard wanderlust-ers these days seem to have a camera permanently attached to their hand. And if they're getting good mileage out of it then they might be looking to upgrade. If your traveler has been using a traditional point-and-shoot then you can look into something more "sophisticated," like an entry-level DSLR. If your traveler already has something like this, then you might want to research other add-ons, like lens or tripods. Depending on the type of photography they're into (for example, landscape versus portraits) there are endless great options -- too many to list here! Your best bet in figuring out what kind of camera or add-on will work best for them (other than flat out ask) is to look online, where the photography community has countless blogs and reviews that will help you find the best pick. If you need help getting started, check out B&H Photo (online or in-person at their NYC location).


If your traveler isn't really into 'things', then how about treating them to something more out-of-the-box? Language classes! They're not something tangible but they are fun and super practical! These classes don't have to be at a formal language school; research your local bookstores (or even cafes!) that might offer more casual (and less expensive) options. In New York City, for example, the travel bookstore Idlewild houses a language school with classes starting every couple weeks! 


Shopping for a business traveler? Already bought them a neck pillow last Christmas? Try some other super practical items - like a travel-size hairdryer (or hair straightener), world travel plug adapter, hanging travel case, or luxury blanket. Stores like Muji offer lots of affordable items. 


Because who doesn't love personalized stuff?!


If your traveler loves to share their travel photos on social media then they'll love a WiFi SDHC memory card! Like the Eyefi SDHC Mobi Wireless

A WiFi SD memory card has (as the name implies) built-in WiFi capabilities which lets you connect your camera to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and instantly transfer your images (RAW or JPEG). What does that mean? You can get your DSLR-quality photos right onto your phone in minutes and Instagram away! This saves you the hassle (and time) of having to go back to your hotel, upload your images to your computer, then transfer them to your phone, and then finally post them on social media. #InstaGratification

Be sure to check whether their camera uses an SD card to a CF Card. If it's the latter, you'll also need to get them a SD-to-CF card adapter (like this one) in order for them to use it. 


There's a good chance that your traveler has everything already listed here -- because that's just your luck, huh? Don't fret! Luckily we saved the best for last. Simply giving them money might not seem very special, but not all currency has a dollar sign attached! Find out their favorite/go-to airline and research the miles program. Most airlines let you buy and gift miles! Delta Airlines, for example, allows customers to buy and gift 2,000 to 60,000 miles (all of which then go towards your traveler's Skymiles account). If your traveler has been saving up for their next big adventures, why not help them along? Or even help them upgrade their seat?!