5 Instagram Travel Accounts You Should Be Following | July 2017

One of the things I do, both on a regular basis and, more so, when I can't travel, is scour my favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration. I'm blown away by all the amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places around the world. 

Here are five amazing Instagrammers taking the world by storm! I'm particularly inspired by them because of their unique style. They've each honed their artistic craft - be it in photography, storytelling, or fashion - and weaved it beautifully with their love for travel. 

1. Chymo Meng (@chymo_travel)

A Chinese photographer based in the Netherlands, Chymo shares her adventures around the world through beautifully captured pastels and gorgeous lighting. Who knew you could capture so much beautiful in a square frame? Not to mention her commissioned work - which includes lifestyle and wedding portraits - is #goals. 

Kawasan waterfalls. Cebu, Philippines.

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2. Asiyami Gold (@asiyami_gold)

It's hard not to be inspired by this visual storyteller. An artistic globetrotter, Asiyami's feed is filled with magazine-worthy photographs that show off both the beauty of the world and her stunning style. She is the epitome of a girlboss. 

Surreal Moments @thesafaricollection #seeingafricadifferently #discoverthesafaricollection

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3. Angela Pan (@panapetite)

Do you ever wish you could see the world and look stylish while doing it? Well, Angela is all the inspiration you'll need. Based in Aukland, this kiwi knows how to dress to the nines while still staying down to earth. 

What's your favorite view from YOUR city? πŸ“Έ @yutianp

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4. The World and Juless (@theworldandjuless)

In today's Instagram game it can be hard to find people who are genuinely living life to the fullest (not just doing it 'for the gram'). One look at local New Yorker's feed and you instantly feel joy that radiates from her photographs. Full of smiles, laughs and color! 

Honey I'm hooooome

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5. Henry Wu (@humminglion)

This California-based photographer is the first guy to grace the ranks of this series. But just scroll through his feed and it's not hard to see why! Traveling the world with his partner-in-crime Zornitsa Shahanska (@zorymory), Henry has a artistic eye that captures the beauty in the every day - whether that's in the colorful streets of Morocco or other-worldly dessert of Burning Man! 

Loving the inspiration? I'll be featuring my favorite Instagrammers each month so stay tuned!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?? We'd love to know! Show them some love below!!