5 Instagram Travel Accounts You Should Be Following | June 2017

One of the things I do, both on a regular basis and, more so, when I can't travel, is scour my favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration. I'm blown away by all the amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places around the world. 

Here are five amazing women taking the world by storm! I'm particularly inspired by these women because they have such an authentic voice and visual identity. They aren’t caught up in the Instagram game. They’re just sharing themselves and trying to inspire and connect with others.

1. Jessica Lu (@jessomewhere)

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Jessica constantly shows us that the world is too beautiful to stay in just one place. If you have a thing for beautiful pastels and sharp photography, look no further!

2. Lena Martini (@inspirationdelavie)

It's not hard to see why her mantra reads "dreamers can never be tamed". A German-born globetrotter, Lena's feed is filled with stunning views and perfect facades from every corner of the world. 

3. Kelsey | Miles of Smiles (@milesofsmiles._)

Ever dreamt of picking up and moving to some exotic country? Well Kelsey is doing just that. Teaching English in Vietnam and traveling on her off days, she gives us the perfect excuse to live vicariously through her. 

4. Hélène | Girls Born to Travel (@elenaflyaway)

Is it any surprise that the founder of Girls Born to Travel is a girlboss?? Born in France and now based in the UAE, Hélène has been traveling the world since she was 18 - visitng more than 40 countries (and counting)! 

From Venice Beach to Santa Monica 🚲🌊✨🌸 . . ( 📸 : @meryldenis)

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5. Lauren Riboldi (@ockeydockey)

Based in Oahu, Hawaii, this photographer/videographer is living proof that it doesn't matter where you are - adventure awaits! Lauren's feed - which is filled with surf, sea, sand, and an endless supply of smiles - reminds us that memories are waiting to be made! Let's go!

Days in the sun with my love ☀️💦

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Loving the inspiration? I'll be featuring my favorite Instagrammers each month so stay tuned!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?? We'd love to know! Show them some love below!!