5 Instagram Travel Accounts You Should Be Following | Sept 2017

I'm constantly blown away by all the amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places around the world. This month I'm sharing five more amazing Instagrammers who are constantly inspiring others:

1. Anne & Jackie of DualVoyage (@dualvoyage)

Ever dream of trading in your briefcase for bikinis and living it up in Greece? Well, Anne and Jackie are doing just that. The dynamic duo behind this account share their inspiring adventure, full of breathtaking sunsets and uplifting sentiments. 

2. Ashley of Ash x Brooks (@ashandbrooks)

A lot of people call themselves wanderlusters, but few really embody the meaning wholeheartedly. Ashley, of the travel blog Ash x Brooks, is a creative twenty-something who lives and bounces between Chicago and New York City. Her Instagram and blog are dedicated to meaningful living through travel, and how it influences all the ways we live. She reminds us that travel is more than a just a glamorous lifestyle, it's a way of life. 

3. Christine Wedberg (@alienchrisblog)

Twirling dresses, perfect hair flips, and exotic places - Christine's feed is filled with it all. Her unique style shows off the vibrant colors and natural beauty in nearly every corner of the world. 

4. Cรกndida Wohlgemuth (@candida)

Beyond the sea of sponsored content and highly edited photos, there are those who shine for their authenticity. Candida is one of them. The California-based creative fills her feed with beautiful interiors, heart-warming portraits, and stunning landscapes. I personally draw inspiration from her photography, which is so beautifully executed and wonderfully curated. 

5. Michelle of Live like its the Weekend (@livelikeitstheweekend)

Grab your shoes, your backpack and just go. That's what Michelle reminds us every day. Whether she's hiking across a national park in the States or chasing sunsets in Australia, she shows us that you don't need to wait for the weekend to start living your life.

It's easy to fall into a trap of expectations when traveling. We have these ideas of what we think something will be like or look like -- because we've "seen" it on Instagram or on our Facebook feeds -- and our expectations are often so high that it's only natural to feel let down when something doesn't go according to plan or live up to the visions we had in our minds. This morning at the Taj Mahal was a valuable lesson as a traveler that most everything will most definitely never go exactly to plan. I had loads of photo opps of this world wonder dancing in my head, yet when we arrived we found the side towers surrounded by scaffolding and a dry reflecting pool. Even with a sunrise start there were loads of other visitors fighting to get the same shots and no chance of a completely tourist-free photo. In these moments it could be so easy to succumb to disappointment and to tell yourself that you'll never be in that place again and how frustrating is it that it's not the way you imagined it? But isn't that life? Isn't that what keeps things interesting and makes your experience unique and your own? You can either choose to remember days like this as a let down or just roll with the punches, stay present and be grateful for it all. Because you're still in an incredible place living out a story that is no one else's but your own. And how beautiful is the Taj Mahal still - scaffolding and all? โค๏ธ

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Loving the inspiration? I'll be featuring my favorite Instagrammers each month so stay tuned!

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