October 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends that all people living with HIV have a viral load test six months after treatment, and at least once a year thereafter. Sadly, viral load tests are not routinely available to the vast majority of people living with HIV throughout Africa. The Be Healthy โ€“ Know your viral load campaign is trying to change that.

Be Healthy โ€“ Know your viral load aims to:

  • inform people living with HIV about the value of viral load tests;
  •  mobilize people to demand routine viral load testing;
  •  urge governments to make sure the tests are routinely available, accessible and affordable.

As part of the campaign, a short film was created about London Chuma from Kafue, Zambia and Doreen Nasaala, from Kampala, Uganda. Both London and Doreen are HIV positive. Their stories help demonstrate the impact of viral load testing. 

Additional photographs for campaign materials were provided by Trisa Taro.