Today marks the official launch of The Free Passport! Welcome!

The story behind this project is simple: I love to travel. When I travel I take pictures. Lots of pictures. Those pictures were just sitting in my hard drive. Doing nothing. The world is too beautiful for pictures of it to be sitting and doing nothing. So, enter The Free Passport. 

I hope that by starting this space my photos can do more than just sit and do nothing. I hope they inspire wanderlust, encourage passions and awaken inner activists. 

This project was conceived over a year ago, originally as an idea for a personal place to showcase my pictures. It has since evolved into so much more than I had originally thought was possible. While I love this space for exactly what it is - the intersection between my passion for photography, travel and global health - I also love it for what it represents. It is the result of the current chapter of my life. The chapter where I had to rediscover myself in the absence of the things that once defined me. And I couldn't be more proud of it. 

As for this blog... I'm not sure who would be reading this, so for now it will narrate the creative processes behind other parts of this website. Think travel tips, daily inspirations, and commentaries. I hope someone somewhere someday stumbles onto it and feels inspired!