10 Best Things to Do in Paris!

Paris will never leave you without something spectacular to do - in fact, your problem will actually be trying to narrow your list down. Here is our top ten things to do in the City of Lights:

1. Skip the hotel and stay like a local

Paris hotels are notorious for being small and a bit expensive, especially if you want to be in a nice neighborhood close to the action. Avoid combing through the pages and pages of hotel listings on Tripadvisor and check out apartment or vacation rentals instead! AirBnb is a great option - your payment is secured and you can vet apartments using customer reviews.

2. Take in the view at Printemps

You don't come to Paris without wanting to take in the views and the lights. Arguably the best place to do that is at top of the famous Printemps. After you empty your wallet in the department store, head to the roof! Here you can enjoy a drink or snack while staring off - with the Eiffel Tower at one end and Montmartre at the other.

3. Enjoy lunch at Angelina

After spending a morning at the Louvre you'll inevitably be in the need of sustenance. Head over to Angelina for lunch - but be sure to leave room for a sweet treat! The famous patisserie is known for their signature Mont-Blanc pastry and decadent hot chocolate.  

4. Go shopping in Le Marais

First time visitors will want to flock to the Champs-Élysées to spend their money - but if you're looking to avoid the crowds and peruse more unique boutiques then spend some time in Le Marais instead! Start out on Rue des Francs Bourgeois (in either direction) and then wander as you please! The concept store Merci is a popular one in this area. You can stop here for an afternoon coffee when your feet need a rest!

5. Stroll along the Seine

A visit to Paris isn't complete without a walk along the La Seine. Of course, this walk is more enjoyable if you're there during the spring or fall. You can also stop along the way and enjoy some people watching - you'll see how locals enjoy this pasttime. 

6. Binge on French treats

Macaroons from Ladurée or Fauchon. Enough said.

7. Stroll the heights of Promenade Plantee

Walking this outdoor treasure is a must, especially in the springThe Parisian equivalent to New York City's High Line, the linear park was built on top of an old railway line. You'll enjoy views of quintessential Parisian architecture while you stroll under arches of ivy and flowers. The best place to start is at the park sandwiched between Avenue Daumesnil and Rue Jacques Hillairet, then head west towards the Bastille metro stop. If you're using Google Maps the promenade is labelled Couleée verte René-Dumont

8. Hop on the train and spend the afternoon at the Château de Versailles

If you're in Paris for more than a couple days you should dedicate at least one afternoon to visiting Château de Versailles. Reachable by train from the city center, the grounds of this palace are a sight to see. Want a sneak peak before committing? Check out our photo diary!

9. Splurge on a fancy French dinner 

You don't have to break your piggy bank in order to enjoy a delicious French meal. Thanks to The Fork, a great restaurant review and reservation site (think Yelp meets OpenTable), you can search for a great restaurant and a great offer. Most places have special deals if you book in advance or if you have a large group. Reservations can fill up weeks in advance so book early! 

10. Explore Montmartre (18 éme)

This large hill, located in Paris' 18th arrondissement, is home to the iconic Basilica of the Sacré Coeur and some of the clearest views of the city. While the neighborhood itself does have many attractions, it's also the kind of place you can just wander around in. You'll find artists lining the streets and cute gardens hidden around every corner. Another taste of quintessential Paris.