Photo Diary: A Day in Venice, Italy

Venice is arguably one of the most magical cities in the world. You could spend a day wandering your way through the city's maze-like streets, alleyways and canals. And that is exactly what we did... 

On a gloomy Saturday, we set out early to explore the city before it got too crowded. Luckily the rain helped keep the crowds at bay and we had a few hours of peace all to ourselves. We started in San Marco, making our way to St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) and through the more touristy areas of the city to the Grand Canal. 

Then after having lunch at Dal Moro's we hopped into a gondola for a ride around the neighborhood. We cruised down Rio del Mondo Novo around to Santa Maria church (Chiesa di Santa Maria) and then back to the small plaza where we started. 

After disembarking we headed west towards Rialto for some delicious gelato at Suso's. Needless to say we stuffed our faces and needed to walk off our food babies, so we headed north to the neighborhood of Cannaregio to get a taste of the more authentic side of the city. 

The streets and canals of the neighborhood were quiet, filled only with the passing of the occasional local. We took our time getting lost and finding the most beautiful bridges in the area. It was the perfect way to spend the rest of the afternoon. 

Have you been to Venice? Is it on your bucket list? We 'd love to hear! Share your thoughts and experiences with us and others in the comments below!