The Free Passport Turns 2 Today!


Today marks the two-year anniversary of The Free Passport's official launch!

Man how time flies...

When I first created The Free Passport, it was a low-key way to share my stories. As an introvert I shy away from being the center of attention for too long. For me, it's the beautiful pieces of the world captured in my photos that are the true stars. And here in this space they get the attention they deserve. 

In the time since our last anniversary, I have visited 15 countries and 27 cities - all of which now have a special place on this site. But The Free Passport has been so much more than a placeholder for pictures and stories. In an amazing way, my blog has been this self-motivating, self-inspiring way for me to put myself out there and do everything I want to do. I am the content curator, photographer, editor, marketer, social media manager, sales rep, and brand ambassador - all in one! Of course I don't see my blog as a full-blown business just yet, but realizing that I can wear all of these different hats has been empowering. 

They say to never look back unless it's to see how far you've come. Well today I'm doing just that - and I couldn't be more grateful or more proud. In so many ways it feels like we've been doing this forever, while at the same time feeling like we've only just begun. I look forward to all the adventures to come and can't wait to see how this journey will continue to unfold...

Last but certainly not least, to those of you who have been following The Free Passport over the last two years: thank you! Thank you for being someone I can share this journey with. Thank you for taking the time and showing your support. Thank you for sharing your stories and being a source of inspiration. For these and so many other things, thank you!! 


Photo: adapted from Go Live

How long have you been following The Free Passport? How did you hear about us? Do you have a favorite post? Are you a fellow blogger who's also celebrating an blog birthday? Share your story with us and others in the comments below!