Photo Diary: London's Amazing Food Scene

I had been to London once before, after graduating college, but I didn't remember how much amazing food there was! My most recent trip in February blew my mind and more than satisfied my inner foodie! If you're looking for a mouth-watering experience while in the English capital, definitely consider popping into these four spots... 


London is infamous for its Indian cuisine. And while the question about with best Indian restaurant in the city will be an never-ending debate, Dishroom is definitely a well-known contender that brings a modern flare to more traditional Bombay cuisine. With four locations scattered across the city, your bound to come across one in as you wander through any of the stylish neighborhoods.



A quick elevator ride up to the restaurant on the 40th floor and you'll be treated to one of the cities best known 'hidden' gems: Duck & Waffle. As you step off the elevator and walk through to the restaurant your greeted with amazing views and the smell of delicious food! 

We came for breakfast with an 8am reservation. I was surprised to see that there were already several tables filled already (mostly couples). We ordered the Colombian Eggs and Full Elvis (the PB&J waffle), which I was worried would be too sweet, but was absolutely delicious!!! I will admit that I came here for the Instagram-worthy views but the food definitely held it's own. 

No matter where you sit, you'll have plenty to enjoy while you scarf down your food. With their open floor plan, it's easy to see in every direction. 

Tip: You can make reservations online but I learned that calling is the best way to find out their real availability. The online reservation doesn't always reflect exactly what reservations are open. Also be sure to ask specifically for a window side table if possible. Views are great even if you don't get one but it never hurts!



If London's food scene had an epicenter, Borough Market would be it. Filled to the brim with stands carrying local produce, speciality vendors and artisanal goods, the market is a foodie's paradise. The small maze like set-up leads you from the 'interior' wholesale market with established vendors to the 'outdoor' carnival of food stands where international fare is displayed at it's best. You'll have a tough time deciding what to have because everything looks amazing - from slow-roasted pulled pork sandwiches and pad thai to Indian curry and French patisseries. If you have the time, it's definitely worth more than one trip. 



No visit to London town would be complete without a stroll through the beautifully quaint neighborhood of Notting Hill. There you'll find one of the most wonderful surprises, The Churchill Arms, a Thai restaurant hidden inside a dimly-lit oasis of flowers and memorabilia housed within a traditional British pub. It is one of the most delightfully odd combinations you'll encounter in the English capital.