6 Instagram Worthy Cafes in Bali!

Bali is home to some of the most adorable, trendy, and drool-worthy cafes in Indonesia (and on Instagram)! If you're headed to Bali, here are six cafes you won't want to miss! 



Located just outside the main heart of SeminyakCafe Organic is a haven for the resort town's expat community. Thanks to it's beautiful ambiance and photo-worthy spreads the cafe has earned itself a strong Instagram following which brings travelers near and far to the joint on any trip to Bali. Try one of their superfood smoothie bowls or breakfast plates! 



If you're a fan of avo toast (in any variety) then Sea Circus is the breakfast spot for you. Standing our, quite literally, from the rest of the Seminyak food scene - which it's brightly colored, street side facade - the cafe is home to a loyal expat following thanks to it's good coffee and delicious treats.



If you thought Bali was no place for decent Mexican food, think again! Motel Mexicola puts your preconceived notions of below-the-border-delights on it's head. Not only is the food good, but the atmosphere is reason enough to go. The space, which is covered head-to-toe in brightly colored decor, scrams beachy vibes and a good time. Whether you come in the earlier evening to share drinks with friends or stay late to be seen by Seminyak's cool crowd, no trip to Bali is complete without a stop through this main staple.



 Vegetarians and vegans won't go hungry in Ubud thanks to the town's zen-seeking community (most equipped with yoga-mats in hand). Ubud is home a plethora of organic and health-conscious cafes, including the likes of KAFE. Located on Ubud's main drag, the cafe is the perfect stop on your way to or from the Sacred Monkey Forest. You can enjoy everything from traditional Balinese dishes to simple/fresh sandwiches, salads and drinks.



Located along the famous Campuhan Ridge Walk, Karsa Spa Cafe is a perfect reprieve during a long walk in the warm Bali sun. The cafe is part of it's namesake spa (Karsa Spa), where you can spend an hour, or a whole day, getting kneaded and stretched in all the right places. The cafe is open to the public (not just patrons of the spa) and offers sweeping views of the adjacent rice paddies from it's second story open terrace. If you're in Ubud a stroll on the ridge walk is must, as it a pit stop to enjoy a cold juice or Bintang at Karsa!



As the center Balinese culture and tradition, it's no surprise that Ubud plays host to some of the island's most authentic culinary experiences. And what's more authentic than a traditional Balinese cooking class? Hosted in the home of a local family, cooking classes take you through the how-to's of typical Balinese dishes, including yellow sauce, chicken satay, coconut curry, gado gado (vegetables in peanut sauce), and tempe kering (deep fried tempe).  The experience is like any other, as you learn to appreciate the time (and sweat) that goes into preparing these delectable dishes. Some classes (particularly those in the morning) also include a trip to the market where you learn how to pick the ingredients used in all the dishes prepared later in the day.