Photo Diary: The Most Incredible Views in Park Güell

When I first visited Barcelona a few years ago, visiting Park Güell was one of the highlights of my trip. The park itself has changed little since then but I discovered more beautiful places than I had before. 

If you read my last post in the #LostOnPurpose blog series, you know that we woke up early to head to Park Güell expecting to beat the crowds. As it turned out, the park now has set entry times in order to limit capacity of the Monumental Zone, the most popular area of the park where some of Gaudi's most famous work is on display. When we arrived at 9:30am the next available entry time was 12:00pm. I was disappointed that we'd have to wait two and a half hours to get into the park - but luckily the majority of the park is open to the public for free (it's only the Monumental Zone that requires an entry fee) so we wandered the well-maintained trails that take you around. 

We ended up discovering other beautiful areas we probably wouldn’t have bothered exploring if we had gotten into the Monumental Zone right away. The free area has beautiful viewpoints, amazing architectural spaces, and scenic picnic and play areas.

Despite enjoy the other areas of the park, Monumental Zone was still my favorite part. Gaudi's intricate tile work (called trencadís) and the houses' unique architecture are spectacular. Not to mention the sweeping views of Barcelona that you get while admiring his work. You could easily spent a few hours walking around. I would recommend coming in the early morning (learn from our mistake and book ahead online) and staying until you're hungry. You could even bring a packed lunch with you and enjoy yourselves at one of the park's picnic tables before heading off. 


Have you been to Barcelona? What did you love most? Share your thoughts with us and others in the comments below!