#LostOnPurpose: Starting Fresh in Firenze!

After a busy week in Barcelona, we made our way across the western Mediterranean sea to Italy! A one and a half hour flight later landed us in beautiful Florence. 

Florence is the country's sixth largest city and home to some of its most prized historical and cultural heritage. Today the country plays host to nearly 16 million (yup, that's right - 16 million) tourist each year, plus thousands of university students who come to study abroad. 

Of all the countries I've been to, Italy is the one I've visited the most. I was last in Florence as part of a young travelers' tour, but somehow the city feels bigger this time - though it's actually small enough that walking is the best mode of transportation. 

It's been refreshing, just wandering around on foot. Not worried about getting lost. Randomly discovering something beautiful or exciting. After my lessons learned last week about over-planning, it's been liberating to just go with the flow.

The other thing I've found liberating this week is being in front of the camera, instead of behind it. Over the last two weeks I've posted a lot more photos of myself, which I never used to do. My travel photos were exclusively beautiful landscapes or interesting city finds. I preferred it that way because I hated being in front of the camera. I dreaded looking at the photos of myself and feeling disappointed. But I'm learning to get over that. So now when I'm in front of the camera I don't worry so much about what I look like. I enjoy the moment and take in the world around me. It's freeing. Plus, I think a genuine expression of awe is just as glamorous as a poised pout. Don't you?

Have you been to Florence? Or experienced something liberating during your travels? We'd love to hear about it! Share your story with us and others in the comments below!