Here We Go Again! #LostOnPurpose: Southeast Asia Edition!


If you've been following along over the last year or so, you know that back in September 2016, Chas and I felt like we were in a bit of a slump. We were both really unhappy at work and struggling with our living situation. 

In an attempt to figure out how to change that, we threw caution to the wind and took off to Europe for five weeks. It was leap of faith and something that would help both of us be happier โ€“ giving us time to re-evaluate what the next step of our lives would look like, and spending time seeing more of the world we both love to explore. He quit his job, I sublet my place and we made a dream into a reality. 

Needless to say it was an incredible experience. We learned so much and definitely grew because of it - both individually and together. 

Now, it's been nearly six months since we came back from Europe and so much as changed! 

When we got home in October, Chas threw himself full-time into job hunting. He had been putting feelers out while we were abroad but focused more intensely on it when we got back. By December, he had several interviews and one concrete job offer on the table. The job offer was an exciting moment - it felt like a proof that things can and would work out. And though he ultimately to decided to pass on it (because it still wasn't exactly what he was looking for), I couldn't be more proud. Job hunting isn't easy. It's right up on there on everyone's least favorite things to do next to apartment hunting and washing dishes. It's stressful and disheartening at times but we've realized that it's important to take the time (while you have it) to find the job, not just a job. Otherwise, you're bound to be back to square one in a couple months - unhappy and unfulfilled. So the job search continues! 

As for me - I've used the last several months to talk openly and honestly with my boss about my professional development. The organization I work for is small but growing and so much is changing. I learned that I needed to seize that as an opportunity, to speak up about the fact that I felt I had outgrown my current position and was feeling unchallenged. Knowing the value that I bring to the organization and being able to show that to my boss allowed me to position myself towards what I was most interested in. The weeks and months of discussion ultimately resulted in my boss creating a new position for me. And as of this week, I was officially promoted! 

Realizing that our once-in-a-lifetime adventure didn't (and shouldn't) have to be literally once in a lifetime -- we decided to do it again. This time in Southeast Asia. Because this is the kind of life we want for ourselves. A life where we have roots that keep us grounded and close to family but that don't stop us from spreading our wings. Who said you can't have roots and wings at the same time? 

So off we go - for five weeks. First to Vietnam, then Cambodia, and finally Thailand! Let the adventures begin!

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